Meditations on Psalm 24

From time to time in youth group, we focus on one of the spiritual disciplines. Tonight, we walked through meditation together. We started with a short discussion of what meditation is and isn’t. (I highly recommend a book titled “The Joy of Discipline” by Richard Foster for more details on this spiritual discipline.). We asked for God’s protection while we meditate, to protect our thoughts and our hearts while meditating. We focused on breathing to help settle our hearts and clear our minds, breathing in God’s goodness, and exhaling the worries of the day. Then, for the next 30+ minutes, we focused on the 24th Psalm, 3-5 minutes per verse. The youth learned that meditation on His Word helps us internalize the scripture, makes it personal and real for each of us. It helps write His Word on our hearts.

Following is a paraphrase of my meditations during tonight’s session with the youth:

The earth is Yours father. You created the earth for Your glory and our pleasure. The earth is Your footstool. It holds Your holy city. Everything belongs to You and is for Your Glory. All who dwell on earth are Yours. You do not want one to be lost, not one.

You make the dry places on the seas. You provide a place for me to live safely. Your land is firm and sure. Your mountains are glorious and Your plains are beautiful. The earth is established in space, set in motion by Your word and Your control. The universe tells of Your glory.

Lord, You are holy. How can anyone approach Your throne? How can we stand before You? Your glory washes us away; it floods us as we try to approach. All that is dark within us is revealed in Your presence. All that is sinful is brought to light and burned in Your presence. How can we approach You? You are Holy.

Only those how follow Your ways may approach You. Only those who have given themselves to You fully, only those who have not replaced Your worship with other things, only those who worship You in Spirit and Truth, only those in whom no lie is found, only those who do not speak with a forked tongue, who are truthful in all that they say, may approach Your holy throne.

Those who follow Your ways and worship Your alone will receive blessing from Your Throne. Those who put You before all others and things will be held in the palm of Your hand for Your glory. To those who follow You with all their heart, You will be their righteousness; You will be their salvation. In Your Son, You have given us Your righteousness and Your salvation.

Let the doors of my heart open up, the gates of my being swing wide for Jesus. Let Jesus enter my heart and make that His throne in my life. Permeate every breath of my life that Your presence may direct my steps and tether my tongue.

You are the King of Glory! Jesus, You are strong and mighty, bigger than any problem that the world can throw my way. You are able to defeat my enemies with the Word. Just as You created all that is with a word, You are able to win my battles with the Word. You are able to protect me in any situation.

Lord, come into my heart. Stay and reign glory in my life. By You dwelling in me, let me bring Glory to You. By You dwelling within me, let me give my battles to You to command. Let me not take control of my life, nor my battles. You are the Lord of hosts, commander of Your heavenly armies able to defeat all that comes against me.

In Jesus Name.

About Todd Bowman

I am a child of God, a husband to Mindy, a father of seven beautiful children of God, a student of the grace of God in Christ, a worshiper, a teacher, a musician and singer, a writer, a nerd, a geek, and a general advocate of mercy and service.
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3 Responses to Meditations on Psalm 24

  1. I love the line “Your Glory washes us away; it floods us as we try to approach.” Such an awesome picture! Love you!

  2. toddbowman says:

    Love you too. Congrats on the ten miles!!! The PB/oat/rice balls look good! Oh, and thanks for including the bit about homework yesterday. 🙂

  3. gramma12 says:

    Thanks, Todd. I’m now getting the emails.
    This is good for me.

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