Vida Nueva was incredible!!  It is so cool to get to see God do His work in these young men!  I can’t wait to serve again!  I know now that I want my daughters to go through VN (So get ready for spring Hannah!).  I’m sure I will be posting on some of my thoughts from the weekend later, but for now, I just wanted to put up a picture of the latest artwork on my left shoulder.  So here it is:


The hebrew lettering says “Yeshua”.   Brent at Atomic Tattoos did a fantastic job.  I am very happy with it.

More later.

About Todd Bowman

I am a child of God, a husband to Mindy, a father of seven beautiful children of God, a student of the grace of God in Christ, a worshiper, a teacher, a musician and singer, a writer, a nerd, a geek, and a general advocate of mercy and service.
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2 Responses to Tattwo

  1. gramma12 says:

    I have comments, but wish to reserve them for personal conversations.
    Love you and your beautiful family,

  2. Dad that looks awesome!! And I will only be 20 in the spring 😉 Oh but my birthday is in 115 days. Did you know they have apps for crazy countdown people like me? Can’t wait to see you soon, LOVE YOU!

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