The “Love Does” Ground Zero Project

Early last week I read Michael Hyatt’s post and listened to the video interview with Bob Goff.  I immediately bought the book.  While Michael Hyatt read the whole book in one sitting, it took me a couple of plane rides and airport layovers to finish it.  I highly recommend Bob’s book.  It is entitled “Love Does” and subtitled, “Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World.”  Without letting out any spoilers, I will say that the stories Bob tells through this book demonstrate how the love of God shown to us in the person of Jesus Christ can inspire an active, love-motivated, whimsical life that doesn’t leave room for dead-space.

There was a song written by Billy Crockett titled “Portrait of Love” that meshes perfectly with this theme.  An excerpt of the lyrics to the song (as best as I can remember) goes like this:

He wouldn’t sit still long enough
To have His portrait done.
His Heart was set to move His life
At twice the speed of love.
Artists who tried to freeze His style
In canvas or in stone
Found that real life, isn’t still life
Even when the life’s alone.

The song goes on to talk about Paul capturing Christ “portrait” in 1 Corinthians 13.   Wonderful song.  If you can find it anywhere still in print, I highly recommend it (and any of Billy Crockett’s stuff, a guitarist’s guitarist, and a songwriter’s songwriter).

So all of this has inspired me to evaluate how I approach marriage, parenting, ministry, friendship, work, recreation… life.  I don’t want to keep doing the same things and expect others to be drawn to a cause I am interested in (e.g., Love, Love, Go) just because I talk about it.  I am going to stop “stalking Jesus” (read the book, watch the interview) and really DO what He commanded.  The whole theme of “Love, Love, Go” is action and I have not given Ground Zero the opportunities to DO love, to GO.  So tonight, I cancelled the youth-group-as-usual routine (maybe permanently) and started the “Love Does” Ground Zero Project.

Once all the youth arrived, I started to retell some of Bob Goff’s stories from his book, just a couple to give examples of “Love Does.”  We then loaded up into cars and headed to the local IHOP where we could sit around a large table and talk about dreams.  Ground Zero (GZ) is their youth group, I am just a cheer leader.  I don’t want GZ to be about my dreams.  It has to be about theirs.  This is about Christ sending them into the world and Him working through them in His dream ministries for them.  So, we sat around the table and brain stormed, dreamed big.  We came up with “Go” ministry ideas without limits.  Here is the initial list, in no particular order:

Christian Marathons to raise money for Charities
Juvenile Detention Center Ministry
Nursing Home Ministry
Military Ministry
Simms Park GZ worship
Orphanage Ministry
Christian Rock Concerts for Charity

The cool thing about each of these is that they are relationship focused.  For instance, the Nursing home, JDC, and Military ministries aren’t about visiting a nursing home, or a JDC, or sending a care package to oversees military.  The GZ youth want to build long-term relationships in each of those ministries.  It is not about “Go”ing and coming back.  It is about going and going back and going back and going back and…

The project list is not complete and certainly not set in stone.  These are a starting point for the GZ youth to put “Love, Love, Go” into action, to put skin in the game, and to be Jesus with skin on.  “Normal” at Christ Fellowship’s GZ youth group has been thrown out the window!  We will be DOing our motto, more than talking about it from here on out.

Buckle-up, and hang on, it is going to be a wild, whimsical, love motivated ride!

Do you have wild stories of love in action in your life?  Please, share them here!

About Todd Bowman

I am a child of God, a husband to Mindy, a father of seven beautiful children of God, a student of the grace of God in Christ, a worshiper, a teacher, a musician and singer, a writer, a nerd, a geek, and a general advocate of mercy and service.
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3 Responses to The “Love Does” Ground Zero Project

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  2. gramma12 says:

    this sound like it’s gonna be Crazy Love Going and Doing!!I want to get the book. I want to DO, too!

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