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I am a child of God, a husband to Mindy, a father of seven beautiful children of God, a student of the grace of God in Christ, a worshiper, a teacher, a musician and singer, a writer, a nerd, a geek, and a general advocate of mercy and service.


Originally posted on building small joy:
About once a week Colton and I will do a guided meditation on sleep before bed. It sounds hoaky, but its just relaxing techniques to calm the mind and stop thinking about the million…

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Just Like You and Me

As Christians, we believe in the Trinity — a triune God — The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  I may have written about this in previous posts.  We see the trinity in the very first 3 verses of the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Thoughts

I love that we (USA) have this holiday!  A day set aside to remember, memorialize, the service and sacrifice of people who have given everything to protect our freedom.  This is a day of honor, respect, and remembrance.  For many … Continue reading

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Take It In Thirds

Did you ever have one of those days where you just want to say, “I give up!   I surrender!”  Silly question.   Of course you have.  We all have.  I’m not talking about the good “surrender.”  Sometime we just … Continue reading

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Who Can Describe You, God?

Who can describe you, God? Like the Psalmist, this morning I awoke pondering that question.  All the familiar scriptures and modern worship songs came rushing into my mind:  “I will not show you My face, for man cannot see My … Continue reading

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Dirt On, Dirt Off

Another early morning wake up call.  Today, I awoke and had this weekend running through my mind.  I have two different places to be on Saturday and the thoughts of how I would balance them was weighing on me a … Continue reading

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Take Up Your Mat!

This morning I was all set to write a post about the contrasts between Psalms 10 and 11, but that is going to have to wait.  I am compelled to share a short post on a great experience Mindy and … Continue reading

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